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Meet With Us

1-2 Hours


Before you meet with us, think about your priorities for your special day. We will work with you to allocate your budget towards the items that are most important to you. We will discuss and budget in any additional styling needs you require on the day.



To be able to provide a proper quote, we'll need to know by the time you meet with us how many are in your bridal party. Don't forget to consider whether you'd like mothers and grandmothers to have flowers too!



We'll want to chat to you about the transport and delivery of your flowers - we're more than happy to travel for weddings, but the logistics of an event may affect the price. 



Bring us photos of what you're imagining for your wedding florals. Because flowers change week by week, we'll be able to determine what's available and source flowers to suit.


It's all in the details. Write a list before you meet with us so that we can work together on designing the perfect flowers for your wedding. Rose petals for the flower girl? Flowers in your hair? Let's cover all the possibilities and make sure we bring your wedding to life with the most gorgeous florals.

Design Proposal & Quote

2-3 Weeks

Before we provide you with a quote, we will pull together all the information from your enquiry form and our first meeting. We'll deliver a beautiful design concepts document which will detail the number of arrangements delivered, but more importantly the look and feel of the floral designs.

This will be our 'mood board', where we show you similar pieces. Keep in mind, even though we may place orders well in advance depending on lots of factors we may not get the exact flowers as you'll see in the concepts document. They will be stunning and of the highest quality, nonetheless. 

After delivering your quote, we will hold your wedding date for 1 week. Payment of the 25% deposit holds and secures  your date and confirms the booking.



Knowing as much as we can in advance, we will quote on the flowers we intend to be able to source at the time of your wedding.


The quote we deliver will highlight all of the detail we've discussed about your beautiful arrangements. We include lots of detail so you can see exactly where the money has been allocated.


We'll include any travel costs as anticipated by our conversations.



We source only the highest quality products, whether it's the flowers, the silk ribbon that ties them together., or the vessel that hold them upright. 



Our service doesn't stop once we send you a quote. We follow through with contact up until the day, and we deliver and install as agreed. Our team works really hard on your special day to make sure your wedding goes off without a glitch. 

Final Meeting & Your Big Day

45 days before 

Final payment is due 45 days  before your wedding.

We ask to meet with you one last time (in person or on zoom) before your wedding so that we can confirm all the details. We'll confirm the details of the logistics, explain the flower care for the day, and double check nothing has changed.

It's such an exciting time, and we're thrilled to be able to be part of your special day. We want to make it as stress-free as possible, so this final meeting is really important.



If you have a wedding planner or organised friend, make sure they have our contact details on the day. We will turn up at the agreed time to install the floral arrangements. Make sure we've got access, parking and someone on site who knows where things should be placed


If you've asked for any styling support from our team, we will be prepared on the day. We have a great supply of candles, vases, wooden servers and signs, so don't hesitate to ask for this service. 



We ask that you allow us enough time to install your flowers, particularly if we are hanging or installing an arbor, ceiling flowers, or backdrop displays. . 



We'll prep you in advance as to how to care for your flowers, and as much as possible we'll provide a water source to keep the flowers looking healthy throughout the day. Flowers are perishable items and whilst we do our best to ensure they remain perfect throughout the day and night, sometimes weather will effect the life of your blooms.

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