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Arrangement Care: Make sure the container your flowers come in is always full of fresh, clean water. Re-cutting the stems at a 45° angle one or two inches from the bottom will reopen the seal from their last cut, helping your blooms soak up every last drop. Flowers like to play it cool, so set the dial for between a pleasant 65 to 72 degrees F. Just make sure they don't freeze.

Orchids: Keep the bottom of your orchid's container dry by watering about every 10 days. Provide adequate air circulation and offer them a boost with a liquid fertilizer according to the label on the bottle, usually once or twice a month. And don't add soil to your orchid's container; most are epiphytes---they get their moisture and nutrients from the air, bark and moss near their roots. Let them put down roots in a bed of rocks, moss, or bark, the way nature intended.


The most essential factor affecting flower vase life is water quality. Cut flowers need clean, pure water, and not all tap water is suitable for flowers. 

Bacteria, fungi & plant debris in vase water can block the flower stems and prevent water uptake. Most tap water is free of high levels of bacteria and fungi. However, bacteria and fungi can grow very rapidly in vase water. Add Flower Food to help control the growth of bacteria and fungi.

If you do not have access to a Commercial Floral Food add one 12 ounce can of any brand of a clear lemon-lime soft drink to one gallon of water. The sugar will provide food for the flowers and the citric acid will lower the pH of the water. Additionally, add one tablespoon of chlorine based bleach to the one gallon solution. This will serve as a biocide and help keep the water clean.


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