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Introducing our Orchid Splendor Floral Planter Arrangement, a captivating fusion of elegance and nature's beauty. This arrangement features not one but two exquisite Phalaenopsis orchids, selected with care to complement the season's palette.


Graceful Elegance: The Phalaenopsis orchid, known for its delicate charm, takes center stage in our planter arrangement. Its elegant arching stems and intricate blooms make it a symbol of grace and refinement.


Seasonal Elegance: While we strive to select orchid colors based on seasonal availability, we understand your desire for personalization. Feel free to share your color preference, and we'll do our utmost to create an arrangement that reflects your vision.


A Gift of Luxury: Whether you're enhancing your own space or delighting someone special, our Orchid Splendor Floral Planter Arrangement is a gift of lasting luxury. Orchids are not only exquisite but also known for their long-lasting beauty.


Timeless Beauty: Phalaenopsis orchids are renowned for their longevity, ensuring your arrangement remains a source of beauty and inspiration for an extended period.


Elevate your surroundings with the timeless allure of orchids. Our Orchid Splendor Floral Planter Arrangement is a true embodiment of sophistication, making it an exquisite addition to any space or a thoughtful gift for someone dear to you. Embrace the beauty of nature's elegance today.


 Phalaenopsis orchids; measures 6-12"H. 

Just Add Ice®easy care tip: Water each plant with 1  ice cubes per week for long-lasting beauty. 

Vase is avaialable in White, Pink, and Green. Color wil be selected to compliment the floral. 


Double Delight Blooms

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