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Meet Sara, the visionary force and owner of Beyond Bloems, serving as the Lead Creative Director

Sara is the Passionate Floral Designer and Planning Expert Behind Beyond Bloems.  With a decade of experience in planning, project management, and sourcing, Sara brings an exceptional eye for design, a flair for sourcing the finest blooms, strong leadership skills, and boundless creativity to every composition she crafts. Her genuine love for love itself fuels her passion to create unique, thoughtful, and personalized designs that resonate with each recipient, evoking that heartfelt "this is so me" feeling.

At Beyond Bloems, Sara's meticulous attention to detail ensures that your vision becomes a breathtaking reality. Her team's artistic touches and dedication to perfection will infuse your special day with the perfect floral ambiance, making it an unforgettable celebration of love. Embrace the enchantment of Beyond Bloems and witness your dreams blossom into reality."


We offer same-day deliveries for Admin / Professional Week, Anniversary, Seasonal Mix, Best Friends Day, Birthday, Boss’s Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Cinco De Mayo, Congratulations, Earth Day, Easter & Passover, Father’s Day, Get Well Soon, Graduation, Grandparents Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Holiday, I’m sorry, Just Because, Labor Day, Love & Romance, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, New Baby, New Year, Parent Day, Persian New Year, Prom, Rosh Hashanah, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Summer, Sympathy, Thank you, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Winter, Women’s Day, New Years, New Baby Boy, New Baby Girl, Welcome Home, Housewarming, Celebrations, Seasonal Wreaths, Independence day, etc..

Our Services at a Glance:

Discover the magic of Beyond Bloems, where every event is transformed into a unique and unforgettable experience. Our services range from comprehensive event planning, meticulous attention to detail, and custom creations by our skilled artisans. Whether you're envisioning a dreamy wedding, a corporate extravaganza, or a special celebration, Beyond Bloems brings your vision to life.

Explore our full range of services on our Service Page and let the journey to creating your perfect event begin. Elevate your celebration with Beyond Bloems – where creativity meets excellence."

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Vincent Van Goh 

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