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Introducing our "Regal Roses" Long Stem Hand-Tied Roses, a classic symbol of love and beauty. These stunning long-stemmed roses are carefully hand-tied to create a graceful bouquet that exudes timeless elegance. While they don't come with a vase, they offer the freedom to customize their color to suit your preferences, and we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction, even if that means replacing with a similar color.


Eternal Roses: Our long stem roses are a timeless representation of love and beauty. With their graceful, elongated stems, they make a striking and romantic statement.


Personalized Beauty: While these roses don't come with a vase, they offer the opportunity for personalization through color. Choose a hue that resonates with your emotions or matches your decor, and let these roses become a personalized expression of your sentiments.


A Promise of Quality: We understand that color preferences may vary, and we're committed to your satisfaction. If a specific color isn't available, we'll replace it with a similar shade to ensure your bouquet is always as beautiful as you envisioned.


Classic Romance: Long stem roses are an enduring symbol of romance and affection. They're perfect for special occasions, heartfelt gestures, or simply to express your admiration.

Celebrate the enduring beauty of love with our "Regal Roses" Long Stem Hand-Tied Roses. These exquisite blooms, with their customizable color and graceful long stems, allow you to convey your emotions in a truly personal way. While they don't include a vase, they make a classic and timeless gift that's perfect for any romantic occasion or heartfelt expression of admiration.

Regal Roses

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